10x10 Black Bottom Hinged-Lid Plastic Container (100/cs)



Introducing the 10x10 Black Bottomed Hinged-Lid Plastic Container – a resilient and versatile solution for all your food packaging needs. These containers are designed to elevate your food presentation while ensuring freshness and convenience. With a pack of 100, you'll have an ample supply of containers to meet your demands.


Key Features:

Robust Construction for Culinary Excellence: These containers boast a sturdy 10" x 10" 3" size, providing ample space for your culinary creations. 

Sleek and Professional with a Black Bottom: Crafted with a sleek black bottom, these containers bring a sophisticated and contemporary edge to your food presentation. The black bottom adds depth and contrast, setting your dishes apart and captivating customers and guests alike.

Durability Meets Style: These hinged-lid containers combine visual appeal with durability. Built to withstand the rigors of the food industry, they're crack-resistant and designed to maintain their integrity, ensuring your dishes remain fresh and enticing.

Efficient Storage with a Stackable Design: The stackable design of these containers optimizes storage, making them ideal for compact kitchens and bustling foodservice environments. Keep your creations organized and accessible with ease.

Versatility Unleashed: Whether it's salads, pastries, cakes, danishes, sweets, or party favors, these containers are ready to showcase your culinary versatility. From casual gatherings to formal affairs, they seamlessly adapt to any event.

Certified Quality: Holding the OU Kosher certification, these containers adhere to stringent quality standards, catering to various dietary preferences.

Recommended Storage: Designed to handle temperatures ranging from -10°F to 120°F, these containers are suited for a wide range of food storage requirements.


Elevate your culinary creations with the 10x10 Black Bottomed Hinged-Lid Plastic Container. From kitchen prep to the dining table, these containers excel in food-to-go scenarios, ensuring your dishes remain fresh and captivating. Choose the container that not only holds your food but also elevates your presentation – the 9x9 Black Bottomed Hinged-Lid Plastic Container.

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