12oz Plastic Soup Containers w/ Lids (240/cs)

Maximum Purchase:
5 units


Discover the ultimate all-in-one solution for your food storage needs with our versatile 12oz Plastic Soup Containers w/ Lids. Whether you're preserving leftovers, safeguarding sauces, or storing hot soups, these containers redefine convenience and reliability for meal preparation, takeaways, or culinary endeavors.


Key Features:

All-Purpose Versatility: Store a diverse range of foods such as leftovers, sauces, hot soups, fruits, and more. Perfect for meal prep or sharing delectable treats with guests or customers.

Airtight Confidence: Our airtight lids are designed to be both drip and leak proof, ensuring you can carry your meals with you without a single worry about spills.

Temperature-Adaptive: These containers are freezer safe for preserving freshness, while the cups (without lids) are microwave safe, offering unparalleled convenience.

Crystal-Clear Clarity: The clear construction allows for effortless identification of contents, making it easy to locate what's inside or showcase your culinary creations.

Robust Build: Crafted from food-grade, BPA-free plastic, these containers are heavy-duty and crack-resistant. Dishwasher-safe, these containers are designed for long-lasting reuse and are even safe for low temperature dishwashers.

Reliable Design: Each container is made of heavy-weight polypropylene plastic, ensuring your premium hot or cold products are securely stored, displayed, or transported. The dependable design withstands repeated use, making these containers and lids a reusable option even in commercial settings.

Secure Seal: The container's curled rim creates a tight seal when used with the polyethylene lid, minimizing spills and messes during transport or storage.

Translucent Brilliance: The translucent design promotes rapid product identification, whether on display in a deli case or stored in a refrigerator.


Revolutionize your food storage experience with the convenience, durability, and reliability of our 12oz Plastic Soup Containers w/ Lids. Elevate your culinary endeavors, simplify your meal preparation, and maintain the quality of your treats with this exceptional solution."

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