24oz Black Plastic Containers w/ Lids (150/case)



Presenting our 24oz Single Compartment Container - Your Go-To Solution for Convenient Meal Prep.


Key Features:

1. High-Quality Construction: Crafted from premium polypropylene (PP), our 24oz Single Compartment Container guarantees the safety and integrity of your stored meals. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your food is in a reliable container.

2. Generous 24oz Capacity: With ample space, this container accommodates a variety of food portions. From hearty entrees to delicious snacks, you can count on this container for all your meal needs.

3. Sleek and Modern Design: The black bottom design adds a touch of modernity to your meal prep routine. Its distinctive appearance makes it easy to identify amidst other containers.

4. Airtight Lid for Freshness: Our container comes complete with an airtight lid, ensuring that your food remains fresh and secure during transportation. No spills, no worries.

5. Stackable Convenience: Designed for efficiency, these containers stack effortlessly. This feature makes organizing your fridge or freezer a breeze, optimizing your storage space.

6. Microwave-Safe Convenience: When it's time to reheat your meals, our container is up to the task. Its microwave-safe nature eliminates the need for additional dishes, simplifying your meal prep process.

7. Cost-Effective Solution: Each case contains 150 sets of these containers, offering a budget-friendly option that suits your food service needs.

8. Versatile Shapes: Choose between rectangle and round shapes to match your specific requirements. Versatility is at your fingertips.

9. Dimensions to Fit Your Needs: Measuring 7.5" x 5.0" x 2.5" (LxWxH, with lids), our container is designed to fit a variety of meal sizes while maintaining a compact profile.


Elevate Your Meal Prep Game: Experience the convenience and reliability that our 24oz Single Compartment Container brings to your meal prep routine. Whether it's for on-the-go meals, take-out, or food service, this container delivers on all fronts. From its secure design to its practical features, it's the ideal companion for your culinary endeavors.

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