4 Cup Carrier (300/cs)



Introducing our 4 Cup Carrier – the solution to efficiently transport your beverages while ensuring stability, support, and eco-friendliness. With 300 carriers in a case, this carrier is designed to enhance your take-out and delivery service.


Key Features:

Quantity and Efficiency: Each case contains 300 carriers, ensuring you have ample carriers to meet your beverage transport needs.

Accommodates Multiple Cups: Built to accommodate up to four cups or containers ranging from 8 to 32 oz, this carrier is designed to cater to a variety of beverages.

Size Compatibility: The carrier can safely hold cups with a bottom diameter of 2 5/8" or less, ensuring a secure fit for your beverages.

Cradle Design: The carton-style carrier cradles the base of your cups, providing essential support and stability during transportation. This design prevents spills and messes, allowing beverages to arrive at their destination intact.

Safe for Hot and Cold Drinks: The carrier is suitable for both hot and cold beverages, making it versatile for various types of drinks.

Stackable Convenience: These carriers are stackable, offering space-saving storage and ensuring they don't take up unnecessary space in your establishment.

Environmental Protection: Crafted from recycled and biodegradable molded pulp fiber, these carriers are an environmentally conscious choice that reflects your commitment to sustainability.

Efficient Transportation: These carriers are designed to enable customers and delivery staff to safely transport multiple beverages. They are a must-have for any restaurant, coffee shop, or food establishment offering take-out and delivery services.

Quality Assurance: Heavy-Duty and Sturdy: The multi-compartment design ensures sturdiness and durability, making these carriers reliable for various beverage transportation needs.

Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand behind the quality of our carriers. If anything goes wrong or the carrier is not to your liking, your purchase is protected.


Elevate your take-out and delivery service with our 4 Cup Carrier. From stability to eco-friendliness, these carriers are designed to enhance the experience of both your customers and delivery staff. Choose the carriers that combine functionality, versatility, and sustainability – the 4 Cup Carrier that ensures your beverages reach their destination safely and intact.