9 Inch Foam Plates - One Compartment (500/cs)



Introducing our 9 Inch Foam Plates – the epitome of convenience, reliability, and appeal. With 500 plates in a case, these foam plates are designed to enhance your dining experience while streamlining your service.


Key Features:

Quantity and Convenience: Each case contains 500 plates, providing you with an abundance of dependable plates for various occasions.

High-Quality Foam: Crafted from high-quality foam material, these plates are a harmonious blend of dependability and charm.

Non-Absorbent Surface: The non-absorbent surface ensures that you and your guests need not worry about foods seeping through, keeping the dining experience enjoyable.

Full Meal Support: These plates are engineered to be sturdy enough to hold a full meal without bending or compromising their integrity. Your culinary creations will be showcased at their best.

Efficient Separation: These plates are designed to be easily separated, enhancing service efficiency and ensuring a seamless dining experience for your guests.

Quick and Easy Cleanup: As disposable plates, they offer the ultimate convenience when it comes to cleaning up after meals. No more washing, just quick disposal for a hassle-free experience.

9 Inch Diameter: With a 9-inch diameter, these plates offer ample space for a variety of dishes, making them suitable for various occasions and culinary offerings.


Elevate your dining experience with our 9 Inch Foam Plates. From convenience to sturdiness, these plates are designed to meet your needs while enhancing the presentation of your dishes. Choose the plates that combine functionality, charm, and quick cleanup – the 9 Inch Foam Plates that make every meal memorable.

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