Clear 3.25oz Portion Cups (2500/case)



Introducing our Clear 3.25oz Portion Cup: Your Partner in Precision, Durability, and Convenience.


Key Features:

1. Versatile and Durable: Crafted from polypropylene, our containers are not only durable but also microwavable, providing a wide range of application options that cater to your culinary needs. Whether you're heating up, storing, or showcasing, these cups are ready for the task.

2. Enhanced Visibility: The clarity of polypropylene amplifies product visibility, turning your offerings into an enticing display. Elevate your merchandising game and let your culinary creations speak for themselves.

3. Reinforced Design: A rolled rim not only ensures a secure fit for the lid but also adds strength to the container. This design not only helps in avoiding leaks but also assures you of a reliable and spill-proof solution.

4. Stack with Confidence: The recessed stacking ledge is your ally in stable stacking. Minimize spills, reduce wastage, and ensure that your containers stay firmly in place. Efficiency and tidiness combined!

5. Precise Portions: Our 3.25-ounce translucent plastic portion cups offer you a cost-effective way to portion out exact servings of your delicacies. Say goodbye to overfilling and unnecessary waste.

6. Audible Assurance: An audible lidding closure is your assurance of a secure lid seal. This not only boosts your confidence but also guarantees the freshness and safety of your offerings.

7. Measurements That Matter: A visual fill line is your guide to precision. Avoid overfilling and ensure accurate portions every time. Let these cups help you maintain consistency in your servings.

8. Freedom from Leakage: Combine our Clear 3.25oz Portion Cup with our snap-lock lids to achieve a flawless seal that keeps everything inside, preventing unwanted leaks or spills.

9. Exceptional Counts: Each case contains an impressive 2500 cups, providing you with a substantial supply that ensures you never run short in the middle of a bustling service.

10. Temperature-Resilient: These containers are ready to go from the freezer to room temperature, providing versatile usage that caters to a variety of storage and serving needs.

Elevate Your Presentation: With our Clear 3.25oz Portion Cup, you're not just offering food – you're showcasing excellence. These containers make sure your portions are precise, your offerings are fresh, and your customers are satisfied.

A Promise of Quality: Choose our Clear 3.25oz Portion Cup for a partnership that values accuracy, durability, and satisfaction. It's time to redefine convenience in your culinary endeavors.

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