Heavy-Weight Black Spoons (1000/cs)



Introducing the Epitome of Bold Elegance and Practicality – our Heavy Weight Black Spoons. With 1000 spoons in a case, these meticulously crafted cutlery components are designed to elevate your dining experience with a perfect blend of striking aesthetics and functional convenience.


Key Features - Heavy Weight Black Spoons:

Quantity and Craftsmanship: Each case features an impressive collection of 1000 black spoons, meticulously designed to embody both functional excellence and captivating aesthetics.

Sleek Black Design: These spoons are thoughtfully designed with a sleek black color, adding a touch of bold refinement to your dining presentation and creating an ambiance of distinction.

Sturdy Polypropylene Build: Manufactured using premium PP (Polypropylene), these spoons prioritize both durability and comfort, ensuring a delightful dining experience for your esteemed patrons.

Ergonomic Design: The spoons' design is tailored for optimal comfort, allowing your customers to relish their meals with ease and grace.

Integral Part of the Kit: These black spoons are a fundamental element of our complete cutlery kits, providing patrons with a comprehensive dining solution that enhances convenience and satisfaction.

Adaptable to Various Dishes: From savoring soups to enjoying desserts or savoring main courses, these spoons effortlessly adapt to a wide array of culinary delights.

Individually Wrapped for Hygiene: Just like the rest of our cutlery components, these black spoons arrive individually wrapped, ensuring impeccable hygiene and easy inclusion in take-out and delivery orders.

Affordable and Strikingly Elegant: These spoons offer an affordable way to infuse bold sophistication into your dining setting, striking the perfect balance between eye-catching aesthetics and practical functionality.


Elevate your dining service with the allure of our Heavy Weight Black Spoons. From their resilient construction to their chic design, these spoons are meticulously curated to enrich your customers' culinary journey. Choose the black spoons that epitomize boldness, functionality, and culinary excellence – the Heavy Weight Black Spoons that transform each dining moment into an extraordinary experience.

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