Lids for Clear 1oz Portion Cups (2500/cs)



Elevate your food service efficiency with our Clear Plastic Lids designed exclusively for 1 oz Clear Portion Cups. Engineered to provide optimal functionality and freshness, these lids are the perfect addition to your culinary arsenal.


Key Features:

-Streamlined Storage: These lids are thoughtfully designed for stackability, offering a space-efficient storage solution that keeps your kitchen organized.

-Easy Access: Each set comes with separate bags for both containers and lids, ensuring hassle-free storage and quick accessibility whenever needed.

-Airtight Confidence: Enjoy the assurance of an airtight seal thanks to our lids' audible snap closure feature, ensuring your contents stay fresh and secure. Say goodbye to leaks and spills.

-Generous Quantity: With 2500 lids per case, you have an ample supply to cater to your culinary demands.

-Seamless Compatibility: These lids are tailored to perfectly fit P100 Cups, creating a harmonious combination that elevates your food presentation.

-Sauce and Condiment Mastery: Designed to effectively hold in sauces and condiments, our lids offer a reliable solution for preserving flavors and preventing mess.

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