Pallet of 32oz Plastic Soup Containers w/ Lids (240/cs) [32 Cases]



Elevate Your Take Out Service with 32oz Plastic Soup Containers with Lids – A Trustworthy Solution for Every Culinary Creation.

Reliable Resource for Culinary Excellence: Our 32oz Plastic Soup Containers with Lids redefine convenience and reliability in your take-out service. Engineered to perfection, these containers empower you to serve both hot and cold liquid-packed foods with confidence, ensuring your customers experience the utmost satisfaction.


Key Features:

Flexible Usage: These heavy-gauge soup containers are your versatile companions, accommodating a range of culinary creations, from hearty soups to refreshing beverages.

Enhanced Security: The included lids seal the deal, providing an air-tight barrier that safeguards your delicious servings, whether they're piping hot or refreshingly chilled.

Generous 32oz Capacity: These containers offer ample space to showcase your culinary craftsmanship while maintaining perfect portion control.

Multi-Environment Friendly: From microwaving to freezing to dishwashing, these containers effortlessly adapt to various environments without compromising quality.

Sustainable Solution: Crafted with environmental consciousness in mind, these containers are both reusable and recyclable, aligned with your commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Bulk Convenience: Each case contains 240 containers and lids, streamlining your service with a ready-to-go solution.

Optimal for Various Foods: Beyond soups, these containers are ideal for desserts, chilled beverages, salads, and a multitude of culinary delights.

Seamless Microwave Convenience: Effortlessly reheat your creations in the microwave without compromising the integrity of the container or its contents.

A Dependable Experience: Choose the assurance of our 32oz Plastic Soup Containers with Lids, where reliability and practicality intersect to provide an unparalleled experience for both you and your patrons. From safety to convenience, these containers are your trusted allies in ensuring every culinary journey is a memorable one.


Elevate your take-out service with a solution that speaks volumes about your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.