Thank You Bags [Large & X-Large Size] (500/cs)



Introducing our Large & x-Large Thank You Bags – a premium solution for all your take-out and retail needs. With a case containing 500 bags, these high-quality bags are designed to elevate your customer experience and convey your gratitude. Proudly MADE IN USA, these bags are more than just carriers – they're a symbol of care and appreciation.


Exceptional Features for Ultimate Satisfaction:

Standard Grocery Retail Size: Measuring 12" x 7" x 23", these bags offer ample space for your customers' purchases.

Sturdy and Reliable: At 0.61 MIL thickness, these bags are designed for durability. They're a cut above the ones you typically find in grocery stores, offering enhanced strength and reliability.

Handles Designed for Convenience: The bags are equipped with handles that are intelligently designed for easy carrying. Your customers will appreciate the comfort and convenience these handles provide.

Elevated Appearance: These bags come in a classic white color, exuding cleanliness and professionalism. Please note that the color may slightly vary due to different lighting and displays.

Heartfelt "Thank You" Print: A standout feature of these bags is the heartfelt "THANK YOU" print. The print not only adds a touch of warmth but also enhances your customers' overall experience.

Versatility at its Best: These bags are perfect for various businesses, including restaurants, grocery stores, retail shops, and more. Whether it's take-out orders, groceries, or retail purchases, these bags are up to the task.

Made to Deliver More: These Thank You Bags are more than just carriers – they're a reflection of your commitment to excellent service. As customers leave your establishment with their purchases, these bags will remind them of your appreciation for their patronage.

Ideal For: Restaurants: Enhance the takeaway experience for your customers by packaging their orders in these elegant bags.

Grocery and Retail: These bags are perfect for carrying groceries, clothing, gifts, and various retail items.

Small Businesses: Whether you run a boutique, bakery, or any other small business, these bags are a practical and professional choice. Elevate your customer service with our Thank You Bags.


From the moment your customers receive their purchases to the lasting impression they create, these bags are a small but impactful way to make their experience memorable. Choose the bags that go beyond functionality – the Thank You Bags that reflect your appreciation and care.

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