White 1-Ply Interfold Napkins (6000/cs)



Introducing our Interfold 1-Ply Napkins – a step above the ordinary, designed to enhance both your customer experience and your commitment to quality. With 6000 napkins in a case, these interfold napkins are poised to elevate your dining environment.


Key Features:

Quantity and Convenience: Each case contains 6000 napkins, ensuring you have a substantial supply to meet your guests' needs.

Reduced Overuse: This system is specially designed to reduce overuse, ensuring a more sustainable approach to napkin usage while enhancing the customer experience.

Quality Commitment: These napkins reflect the caliber of quality that discerning restaurants demand. They are designed to complement your dining environment and elevate your guests' experience.

One-at-a-Time Dispensing: The Just1 interfold design ensures one-at-a-time dispensing, leading to fewer napkins being used and ensuring that patrons only touch the napkin they use.

Durability in Design: The 1-ply design offers durability, reducing overuse while maintaining the quality of each napkin.

Tallfold Dispenser Compatibility: These napkins are compatible with tallfold dispensers (sold separately), ensuring easy accessibility for your guests.

Close at Hand: Keep these napkins close at hand for guests, providing convenience and accessibility during their dining experience.


Elevate your dining environment with our Interfold 1-Ply Napkins. From reduced overuse to quality commitment, these napkins are designed to enhance your customers' experience and align with your sustainability goals. Choose the napkins that embody excellence, convenience, and sustainability – the Interfold 1-Ply Napkins that redefine napkin service.