8oz Hinged-Lid Deli Container (200/cs)



Introducing the 8 oz Hinged-Lid Deli Container, a reliable solution for sealing dips, salads, granolas, fruits, vegetables, and more. With its innovative SafeSeal tamper-evident design, this square container guarantees the integrity of your offerings, ensuring your customers receive their goods untouched and pristine.


Key Features:

Tamper-Evident Confidence: Our 8 oz. square container is equipped with Dart's tamper alert hinge, specifically engineered to thwart tampering attempts. The hinge protrudes outward when torn, providing an unmistakable sign to your customers that the container has been opened.

No Loose Parts: The tamper alert hinge remains attached to the container, eliminating loose plastic fragments and the need for additional shrink bands or wrap labels. This streamlines your operations, saves time, reduces expenses, and minimizes waste.

Secure and Transparent: The tamper alert hinge extends visibly when torn, making it unmistakably clear to customers when the container's seal has been broken.

Ample Capacity: With an 8 oz. capacity, this container offers generous space to accommodate a wide range of foods. From bulk foods to salads, fruits, and vegetables, this container is perfect for delis, salad bars, and grab-and-go counters.

Leak-Resistant Design: The container's snug-fitting lid ensures a leak-resistant perimeter seal, allowing you to store even liquid items like dips and dressings without concerns about spills or leaks.


Elevate your food storage and presentation standards with the 8 oz Hinged-Lid Deli Container. Experience the assurance of tamper-evident protection, convenience in operations, and impeccable freshness for your offerings."

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