9x6 Foam Hinged-Lid Container (200/cs)



Introducing 9x6 Foam Hinged-Lid Container - One-Compartment: Your Versatile Solution for Food Transport and Presentation.

Versatility Redefined: Our 9x6 Foam Hinged-Lid Container with a single compartment is your go-to solution for a diverse range of dishes. With its insulated foam construction, it excels in maintaining the perfect temperature for both hot and cold foods. The secure closure mechanism ensures that your culinary creations remain intact, while the stackable design optimizes space for efficient transportation.


Key Features:

Optimal Quantity: Each case contains 200 containers, providing an ample supply for your needs.

Size Matters: Measuring 9 x 6 x 3 inches, these containers offer generous space for your dishes.

Single Compartment: The one-compartment design accommodates various food types, from savory to sweet.

For Everyone, Everywhere, and Every Meal: Our Foam Hinged-Lid Containers cater to a wide spectrum of needs. Whether you're a coffee shop owner seeking to serve beverages on-the-go or an office manager looking for practical lunch solutions, these containers deliver. From food trucks to potlucks, the versatility of our containers shines through, making them an essential asset for your food service endeavors.

Quality That Speaks Volumes: No matter what you're serving – be it restaurant takeout, bakery delights, or homemade specialties – our Foam Hinged-Lid Containers ensure your food is presented with excellence. With unwavering durability, these containers guarantee that your dishes look as good as they taste, wherever they're enjoyed.


Embrace the convenience and reliability of our 9x6 Foam Hinged-Lid Container - One-Compartment, and elevate your food presentation and transportation game to new heights.

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