Large Vinyl Gloves (1000/case)



Large Vinyl Gloves (1000/case): Enhance Your Food Handling Experience with Large Food Service Grade Vinyl Gloves


Key Features:

1. Large Size for Optimal Fit: Our Large Vinyl Gloves are designed to provide an optimal fit for hands of larger size, ensuring comfortable movement and flexibility.

2. Approved for Food Safety: Rest easy knowing that our gloves are approved for food safety standards, making them an essential tool for a variety of food-related tasks, from food preparation to cooking.

3. Powder-Free Design: Our gloves are entirely powder-free, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring a clean and hygienic food handling process.

4. Versatile Use: These gloves are versatile, serving a range of purposes. They are perfect for food preparation, cooking, and even janitorial tasks, offering a dependable barrier against germs and contaminants.

5. Case for Convenience: Each case includes 1000 gloves, packaged in 10 boxes containing 100 gloves each. This bulk quantity ensures you have an ample supply for all your needs.

6. Professional Grade: Designed with food service professionals in mind, our vinyl gloves adhere to industry standards, ensuring that you uphold the highest levels of hygiene.

7. Enhanced Food Handling: Our gloves provide an additional layer of protection when handling food, preventing direct contact between your hands and the items you're working with.

8. Ideal for Culinary Tasks: Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, our gloves offer the perfect solution for tasks like chopping, marinating, slicing, and more.

9. Easy to Put On and Take Off: Designed for convenience, these gloves are easy to wear and remove, streamlining your kitchen or workspace tasks.

10. Reliable Barrier: Constructed from vinyl material, these gloves offer a dependable barrier against potential contaminants, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment.

11. Comfortable and Secure Fit: The large size of these gloves is tailored to accommodate larger hands comfortably, making them suitable for various users.


Elevate Your Food Handling Practices: With our Large Food Service Grade Vinyl Gloves, you can elevate your food handling practices to a new level of safety and efficiency. From food prep to cooking, these gloves offer the protection and comfort you need to handle various tasks with confidence.

Whether you're a professional in the food industry or a dedicated home cook, these gloves are an indispensable addition to your kitchen toolkit. Count on their quality and performance to enhance your food handling processes and maintain the highest standards of hygiene.