Medium Vinyl Gloves (1000/case)



Medium Vinyl Gloves (1000/case): Elevate Your Food Handling with Medium Food Service Grade Vinyl Gloves


Key Features:

1. Optimal Fit for Medium Hands: Designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit for medium-sized hands, these gloves offer excellent dexterity and flexibility.

2. Approved for Food Safety: Our gloves meet food safety standards, making them an essential tool for various food-related tasks, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness.

3. Powder-Free for Clean Handling: The powder-free design reduces the risk of cross-contamination, ensuring a clean and hygienic food handling process.

4. Versatile and Multi-Purpose: These gloves are versatile and suitable for a range of tasks. They are perfect for food preparation, cooking, and even janitorial duties.

5. Convenient Case Quantity: Each case includes 1000 gloves, organized into 10 boxes containing 100 gloves each, providing you with a reliable supply for all your needs.

6. Professional Quality: Engineered with food service professionals in mind, our vinyl gloves meet industry standards, ensuring top-notch hygiene.

7. Enhanced Food Handling Practices: These gloves offer an extra layer of protection when working with food, preventing direct contact between hands and ingredients.

8. Ideal for Culinary Tasks: From chopping to marinating, these gloves offer an ideal solution for culinary tasks, whether in a professional kitchen or at home.

9. Easy On and Off: Designed for convenience, these gloves are easy to put on and take off, streamlining your kitchen or workspace activities.

10. Reliable Barrier Against Contaminants: Crafted from vinyl material, these gloves provide a reliable barrier against potential contaminants, maintaining a clean and sanitary environment.

11. Comfortable and Secure Fit: Medium-sized for a comfortable and secure fit on medium hands, these gloves ensure comfort and ease of use for a variety of users.


Enhance Your Food Handling Practices: Our Medium Food Service Grade Vinyl Gloves are designed to enhance your food handling practices with a focus on safety and efficiency. Whether you're prepping ingredients or cooking meals, these gloves offer the protection and comfort you need to handle various tasks with confidence.


Whether you're a professional in the food industry or a dedicated home cook, these gloves are a valuable addition to your kitchen toolkit. Rely on their quality and performance to elevate your food handling processes while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.