Black Medium Nitrile Gloves (2000/case)



Introducing Black Medium Nitrile Gloves – Your Ultimate Defense for Uncompromising Safety and Versatility.

Unyielding Protection: Our Black Medium Nitrile Gloves redefine safety with an unwavering commitment to your well-being. Crafted to provide exceptional barrier protection, these gloves are your steadfast allies in various settings where safety takes precedence.


Key Features:

Ample Quantity: Each case includes 2000 gloves, thoughtfully divided into 10 boxes of 200 gloves each, ensuring you have a plentiful supply to meet your requirements.

Food Safety Approved: These gloves are your trusted companions in food-related tasks, providing essential safety for food preparation, handling, and service.

Exam Grade Approved: With their exam-grade approval, these gloves are relied upon in medical, dental, and veterinary tasks, as well as in salon & spa services and tattooing.

Professional Concealment: The black color of these nitrile gloves conceals stains and marks, upholding a professional appearance across diverse settings.

Superior Strength: Nitrile delivers exceptional puncture resistance and dexterity, outperforming latex or vinyl gloves by threefold. Ideal for tasks involving tools or sharp instruments.

Chemical Resilience: These gloves offer protection against an array of chemicals, making them apt for tasks involving common and specialty chemicals.

Size Medium: Specifically tailored to provide a comfortable and secure fit for medium-sized hands.

Multi-Environment Usage: From medical, dental, and veterinary tasks to salon & spa services, tattooing, daycare activities, food preparation & services, and everyday household chores, these gloves adapt to diverse needs.

Safety Beyond Boundaries: Embrace the assurance of Black Medium Nitrile Gloves as your steadfast guardians of safety. Their exceptional strength, dexterity, and chemical resistance equip you to undertake tasks without compromise. Whether in a medical facility, a kitchen, or an industrial environment, these gloves prioritize your well-being and protection. Choose a solution that reflects your commitment to uncompromised safety and peace of mind.