Lids for 5oz Portion Cups (2500/cs)



Introducing our Lids for 5oz Portion Cup: The Perfect Companion for Precise Portioning and Secure Sealing.


Key Features:

1. Smart Seal Design: Snap these clear flat plastic lids onto your 5-ounce portion cups for a secure and leak-resistant closure. No more worries about liquids escaping during transport or storage. Our lids are engineered to keep your culinary creations intact and ready for enjoyment.

2. Versatile Packaging: Each case contains an impressive 2500 lids, neatly divided into 20 to 125-count sleeves. This thoughtful packaging ensures easy access while maintaining the freshness and quality of your lids.

3. Material Excellence: Crafted from clear polyethylene terephthalate plastic, these lids are engineered for both functionality and aesthetics. Their clarity provides an enticing view of the delicious contents within, enticing your customers to indulge.

4. Fat-Resistant and Reliable: Our lids are designed to withstand the demands of various dishes, including those with fats and oils. They maintain their integrity even in the presence of rich dressings, sauces, and sides, ensuring your culinary creations reach your customers in perfect condition.

5. Freezer to Display Convenience: From freezer to heated display, our lids are ready to handle the journey. Whether it's storing pre-portioned ingredients for future culinary masterpieces or presenting appetizing sauces on the buffet line, our lids stand ready for the task.

6. Ideal Storage: For optimal performance, we recommend storing these lids in a cool, dry place. This ensures that they maintain their quality and remain ready for use whenever your culinary creativity calls.

7. Perfect Dimensions: The case dimensions are 16.2 inches in length, 13.1 inches in width, and 16.1 inches in height. This smart sizing ensures that these lids can be stored efficiently while also allowing for easy access when needed.

Elevate Your Presentation: Enhance the presentation of your culinary creations with these lids. From fruit cups to shrimp cocktail sauce, the crystal-clear material adds a touch of elegance to your offerings. The slightly raised rim provides stability for stacking, making them perfect for transport and storage.

For the Culinary Visionary: If you're someone who believes that every detail matters, our Lids for Black 4oz Portion Cup are designed for you. Perfectly tailored to your portioning needs, they reflect your dedication to precision and quality.

Sealing Freshness, Delivering Excellence: Our Lids for Black 4oz Portion Cup are more than just lids; they're a promise. A promise to keep your creations fresh, to ensure safe transport, and to elevate the dining experience for your customers.


Choose the lids that match your commitment to culinary excellence. Choose our Lids for 5oz Portion Cup.

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